Bryan SchmidtSome may know Bryan Schmidt as the Business Development Director at the Marriott Center Indianapolis but the Greenfield native is world-class.

After graduating from Greenfield Central High School in 1995, Schmidt enlisted in the Marine Corps and asked for the “baddest job they had—Infantry and security forces” where he was honored with his company’s Ironman award, a sign for things to come.

From finishing his first Ironman-competition days after being hospitalized to qualifying for the Ironman 70.3 World Championships 3 years later, Bryan’s journey has been an interesting one and it’s not over.

Bryan hopes to eventually compete in the most recognized Ironman competition in the world, Ironman Hawaii.

“All I care about is getting to Kona.  I named my dog Kona.  Kona is the Mecca” he said.

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